What is the Davis Community Acupuncture Clinic?

     Community Acupuncture is a relatively recent phenomenon in the US, but is based upon how treatments are conducted in Asia — namely frequent, affordable treatment.

     Most acupuncturists will tell you that it takes more than 4 or 5 treatments to truly resolve a complaint.  We're here to make this affordable for as many people as possible.  Click here for rates.

     The purpose of the sliding scale is to separate the issues of money and treatment; I want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better! I understand that everyone’s situation is different, and my primary goal is to make acupuncture available to you as often as you need it.  

What about privacy during DCAC treatments?

     If you are nervous about the group treatment setting, just visit us and check it out.  Patients who had initially resisted the idea often forget they had any concerns about group treatment by their second and third sessions.

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