How to cancel an appointment

     The first step is to make sure you have registered for an account with our booking website. (Most people don't go through the trouble to do this, since it's not required to book an appointment, however it is required to be able to cancel, reschedule, or see past appointments.)

To register for an account, please click here. If you've already registered, just click Sign In in the top right.

To see any appointments that you've already made, click on "appointments" in the top right corner. From there, you'll be able to cancel any future appointments (provided it's not for that same day since we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy). If you do need to cancel for the same day, please call, text or send me an email.

If you have any trouble with the new system, please call or email and I'll help. The more I can help people handle their own scheduling, the more time I have to treat people.

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