Allergy Elimination

     Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can work wonders for allergy symptoms, both for environmental (seasonal and year-round) and food allergies. If you're currently suffering from allergies, this approach will yield the fastest response.

     For those looking for a more permanent and deeper resolution, I would advise allergy elimination treatments, as well. The benefit is that by eliminating the body's reactivity to the things it comes in contact with, we can liberate ourselves from an anchor that is holding us back in terms of our health and healing. While avoidance of the allergen is what people usually do, it's not always easy or possible. And sometimes, it's not even clear what the body is reacting to. By using The Allergy Kit, you can strengthen the body so that it is no longer weakened by these substances, thereby freeing up it's energetic resources and allowing the body to heal itself.

     I am currently not accepting new Allergy Elimination patients, but instead recommending that people come in for regular acupuncture and Chinese herbs and/or pick up an Allergy Kit to do at home. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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